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Amazon web services sas grid on the aws cloud march 2019 page 7 of 26 figure 2. In this environment, workloads are distributed across a grid cluster of computers. Brinsfield, meridian analytics abstract with the goal of utilizing computing power and support staff more efficiently, many organizations are moving all or large portions of their sas computing to a sas grid platform using sas grid manager. Quick start architecture for sas grid with the spectrum scale storage stack you can choose the number of sas grid compute nodes, based on your requirements, during deployment. This workload distribution enables the following functionality. Sas previously statistical analysis system is a statistical software suite developed by sas.

System, ibm general parallel file system gpfs, and ibm platform computing platform suite for sas. Generating reports was also added through the put and file statements. Pdf a shared file system on sas grid manger in a cloud. See the planning section for details on the utilization choices. Optimizing your sas performance with grid computing lex jansen. This documents provides the information necessary to set up the sas scalable performance data server in a sas grid environment. Sas grid manager manager of sas grid computing environment. Part 3 grid computing for sas using sas grid manager for platform 85. Provides information on understanding and using a sas grid. Grid computing for sas using sas grid manager for hadoop tree level 1. Part 2 grid computing for sas using sas grid manager 15.

Best practices for data sharing in a grid distributed sas environment a sas white paper storage performance is the most critical component of implementing sas in a distributed grid environment. Grid computing and sas 2 by implementing grid computing technology, organizations can optimize their return on investment, lower cost of ownership and are able to do more with less. Blade servers are a natural fit for sas grid computing deployments because the environment lends itself. Node 5 of 8 node 5 of 8 common sas grid manager features tree level 1. Provides reference information for grid specific sas functions. Sas programmers guide to life on the sas grid eric c. Ieel1 is a high performance distributed file system that is ready to meet. Node 3 of 8 node 3 of 8 planning and configuring a sas grid manager environment tree level 2.

Consolidates information on configuring a grid environment, managing a grid, and running sas programs on a grid. This ibm redbook is part of a series of documents related to grid computing that ibm is presenting to. This paper provides an introduction to basic storage terminology and concerns. The following documents address different topics related to sas grid computing.

Modifying configuration files with platform rtm for sas. Sas and grid computing maximize efficiency, lower total cost of. Sas grid computing basics a sas grid computing environment is one in which sas computing tasks are distributed among multiple computers on a network, all under the control of sas grid manager. Primary objectives for converting the sas environment to a grid with. How to create a robust platform for sas grid computing oracle.

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